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Creative Services

Whether you’re a small business owner looking for help with a new logo and advertising or the director of large corporation needing fast and reliable turnaround on special projects, On Target Media Creative Services delivers.

The way we see it, our main goal is to help clients build long-lasting relationships with their consumers. We do this by showing an intense commitment to understanding and achieving YOUR aims and objectives.

We help clients succeed through strategic advertising, compelling brochures, timely newsletters and effective direct mail campaigns. On Target Media's Creative Services provide individual project and campaign-driven collateral that encompasses public relations, advertising, and marketing.

We believe that good design reflects the best qualities of each client’s organization, product and personality. It must speak directly and clearly with imagination to the client’s public in order to attract and hold attention. And most importantly, the work must be creatively executed.

Specializing in:

• Logos
• Website Designs
• Printed Materials
• Direct Mail Pieces
• Wide Format Printing
• Brochures
• Business Cards
• Calendars
• Letterhead
• Newsletters
• Postcards
• Posters
• Presentation Folders